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Modern Anguish

Modern Anguish

by Norine Braun

Released 1996
Released 1996
Genreblending blues, folkrock, pop this eclectic songwriter showcases her diversity of styles.
  • 04:21 Lyrics Modern Anguish

    MODERN ANGUISH Modern Anguish Riding on a dark horse That dark horse is me Modern Anguish digs her heels in She makes the dark horse bleed Will the dark horse set her free? Set her free yeah oh yeah set her free yeah Repeat chorus Desperate in tears i ease all her fears As we corss the river of woe She must escape To a quiet landscape Where no one or nothing can feel She loosens the rein Forgets she is pain And slips underneath the waves Slips underneath the waves slips underneath the waves CHORUS Save me don't let me drown She begs Save me don't let me drown Why can't you Save me don't let me drown Please Save me don't let me drown oh Save me don't let me drown The dark horse will race Into wide open space To out run her pleading cries Life and death is divine All the rest it is mine Sometimes I must let go When deep waters are still It's the silence that kills And that's where Modern Anguish remains Modern Anguish remains Modern Anguish remains Chorus © Norine Braun SOCAN All Rights Reserved.

  • 03:22 I'd Guess You'd Say
  • 04:30 The Mystic
  • 04:18 Dancing Sea
  • 04:54 Lyrics Another Kiss Is Taken
    ©Norine Braun
    Another kiss is taken
    No moment's hesitation
    She arrives without a clue
    All that she believed in
    All that she has dreamed in
    Has now vanished from her view
    Wiping away tears of pain
    All women's blood looks the same
    Laughing voices in her ears
    How dare she challange the jeers
    How many more women have to die?
    Before we're outraged and ask why
    All this violence, all this hate
    Her motherless children cry and wait
    No illusive emancipation
    No denial no hesitation
    Or the terror and degradation
    Will shatter us all
    Chorus twice
  • 03:04 States of Faith
  • 03:55 Electric Nin
  • 03:24 Cruel Streak
  • 03:38 Mr. Y
  • 04:17 Tears of an Angel
  • 04:21 Lyrics Love and Not Fear

    LOVE & NOT FEAR I look at everything in life that brings me here And I wonder what I'll become I walk the streets at night Come home to an empty place My little space I watch the news And all the ugly things I cry out and I beg For something to find me here Something to erase my fear I need something Something to find me here I need love and not fear I need something Something to find me here I need love and not fear Desensitized I realized I could not feel What was real What was wrong A voyeur in someone's pain and to remain Unchanged Seems so unreal Chorus Round round I go Where I stop I don't know All the horrors All the injustice I can't breathe Between the lines Of power, greed, hateful men I want something more than me More than this tragic history To be forgotten and gone Chorus

  • 03:49 Tips and Not Trouble
  • 04:00 Frontliner Blues
  • 04:19 Watching Shadows
  • 05:00 Transcend The Pain
Norine Braun's repertoire ranges from ethereal, reflective moods to sizzling bluesy rock that test the limit of popular music. She is inspired by the struggle to find meaning in the human experience. Her lyrics, although provocative, do not lose touch with her whimsical nature.
After winning Factor's new talent Demo award Norine independently released her first original cd, "Modern Anguish". Reviews included: "An elastic soprano easily accommodating a bass popping funk rock workout or a …
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