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Acclaimed Canadian artist, Norine Braun, released her 10th album, Gone To The Spirits. The concept album is birthed from the Ququnak Paǂkiy Song Collection that Braun wrote from a Canada Council For The Arts Award. The songs are based on the engaging and dramatic life story of a Two Spirit, Ktunaxa warrior woman, courier and guide, who lived in the early 19th century. Gone-To-The-Spirits was the gifted oracle and accomplished warrior who appeared in the journals of explorers and was noted as having transitioned gender and also became a chief. Braun’s irrepressible passion to create music with no imposed boundaries makes this work impossible to categorize. In the beginning, the haunting and ethereal Morning Prayer mesmerizes with ambient ascension toward the heavens. Throughout the album’s rich textures of worldly pop, jazz and blues, the listener is transported among dreamy ice fields, rootsy coyote canyons, thunderous storms toward soulful victory and a sublime rock transformation. One enters a sonic journey in this album that soothes and excites, to another time where Gone To The Spirits story enfolds.


 "It’s her best album, incorporating rock, blues, latin, ambience and aboriginal song lore.” Tom Harrison - The Vancouver Sun


“The album “Gone To The Spirits” is as relevant as anything out today. If you like good music that stretches the boundaries of style, you’ll find it here – Strongly recommended.” Jamsphere


“With a poetic graceful beauty, Norine Braun’s “Gone To The Spirits” is a carefully crafted narrative full of compelling snapshots of a life.” Beach Sloth Review


“You’re about to hear something very powerful and filled with higher meaning than you’d ever imagined” Kristy Linkous Indie Band Guru

Beach Sloth Review

Norine Braun – Gone To The Spirits  

With a poetic graceful beauty, Norine Braun’s “Gone To The Spirits” is a carefully crafted narrative full of compelling snapshots of a life. Lyrics are front and center of each piece as they unfold to celebrate the natural world. Norine Braun’s vocals are delivered with crystal clarity. Attention to detail means that the sound is lush, bright, with a sense of optimism pervading the entirety of the collection. 

After the introduction of “Spoken Word One” things come into full bloom with the airy textures of “Morning Prayer”. Surreal in sound is the dreamy “Rock People (Yaqan Nukiy)”. With a sense of play the song expands ever so luxuriously as it steadily grows in size and scope. “Star Man (Ode to Koo Koo Sints David Thompson)” is a song of devotion filled with an undeniable sense of tenderness. Low key in sound is the laid-back, light jazz approach of “Bird With A Song To Sing”. Opting for a little vaudeville is the stripped down “Gone-To-The-Spirit Blues”. Passionate to its very core is the driving defiant rhythm of “Kocomenepeca”. Funk defines the soulful grooves of “Victory”. Nicely spacious in scope is “Evening Song” whose work simply soars into the sky. Serving as an all-encompassing finale is the triumphant “Transform (Take Me Away)”.  

Stylish, sophisticated and infinitely tasteful, Norine Braun effortlessly weaves storytelling, jazz, blues, and elements of folk into a satisfying whole on “Gone To The Spirits”.   Best of all the entire album can be found right here!  Beach Sloth Review